Wealthy Life Principles to live by

90% of productivity hacks are useless

💡 Sleep & physical well-being represent +90% of your mental & physical performance. Focus on your well-being to achieve & exceed your goals.

Hustle is overrated while consistency is underrated

💡 It’s not about the number of hours you put in. It’s about your focus on what truly matters. Master skills and processes that will multiply your output. Consistency > Hustle

Being the best doesn’t mean consistent peak performance

💡 Even if you’re the best, ups & downs are fairly normal as long as the overall trend is up. → Don’t get caught up in details. → Focus on the long-term trend of your performance.

There is no shame in promoting your work

💡 Communicate the value and impact of your work, no one else is going to do it for you: → Teach it to your peers & subordinates. → Create case studies for management.

You become confident after failing at something – not before

💡 Confidence is not a precondition. In reality, it’s a side effect of trying to do hard things. → If you never fail, you will never succeed. Just do it.

You’re not allowed to feel negative emotions

💡 Suppressing emotions will increase, rather than decrease your misery. → Channel negative emotions through meditation, purpose, or goals.

Ideas are worthless

💡 All people have the same ideas. You never rise to the level of your ideas. You fall to the level of your action. → Action your ideas to stand out.

Your reputation > Your skills

💡 An average marketer with a good reputation. It’s WAY better than a great marketer with a bad reputation. → Protect your reputation at all costs.

When everything is urgent, nothing really is

💡 The “instant-response culture” created this constant “state of emergency”. → Focus only on urgent and important items that align with your priorities.

Saying “No” is a true Superpower

💡 Whenever it doesn’t align with your priorities → Say “no” Whenever you’re short on time → Say “no” Whenever in doubt → Say “no” People will: • Call you cheap • Hate your ambition • Distance themselves from you But learn to say no and you avoid spending money you can invest instead.

Let go of control to gain control

💡 You gain more control by empowering others. To boost relationships → Let others decide more, they’ll love it. To boost teams → Give them authority, it’ll double their output.

A degree doesn’t guarantee success

💡 Focus on increasing your income. • Start side hustles • Invest in index ETFs • Learn a high-income skill Spending your 20s in classrooms isn’t the best use of your time.

Get rich. Act broke.

💡 You need a car → But not a $697/month car payment You need housing → But it shouldn’t cost 50% of your income You need food → But don’t spend 100s of dollars eating out Live below your means. Don’t look rich. Be rich. Poor people upgrade their lifestyles too fast. They buy fancy cars, homes, and clothes. But they’re broke. If you keep up with them you’ll live a life of misery.

Stay out of debt

💡 Debt puts your life on hold. If your paycheck goes toward paying off a debt you won’t have money to invest. Getting into debt is a disservice to your future self.

Never stop learning

💡 Become financially literate by reading books such as: • Rich Dad Poor Dad • The Psychology of Money • The Richest Man in Babylon Financial literacy isn’t taught in schools. You either teach yourself or become a beggar.

Choose your friends wisely

💡 Find a small circle of friends to discuss: • Money • Business • Investments Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. Surround yourself with great minds.

Learn patience

💡 You won’t become wealthy overnight. Building wealth takes: • Resilience • Dedication • Consistency But if you delay gratification you get everything you want and more.

Be passionate

💡 There is no way to become successful if you are not passionate about what you are doing. With passion, there is the perseverance to stick through something longer than others. You discover what it takes to be successful and knows that giving up is not an option.

Have a clear vision

💡 You need to have a plan if you want to succeed in life. Everything is a fantasy without a plan. Set some goals for yourself that you will strive for every day, and you will be surprised at how quickly you will achieve them.

Be opportunistic

💡 Time is the greatest asset that we all have, and if we do not use it wisely, it is all gone. Take advantage of the small opportunities that are presented to you. Make wise choices and decisions today to ensure a prosperous future.

Moderation in all things

💡 Life is a balancing act. Everything needs to be done in moderation, including work, shopping, entertainment, and socializing. There is no need to go overboard in everything. Learn to control your impulsive behaviors and have a sense of enough.

Change your perspective

💡 Perspective is key in your journey. The ability to turn negative situations into positive ones is a skill to develop. If you are having a hard time, think of it as a temporary situation. This way, you will keep on pushing and moving forward.

Be honest with yourself

💡 If your life is coming to a halt, you must recognize it and take the necessary steps to change it. Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone. Great success comes from being uncomfortable.

Own your life

💡 No one is responsible for your life. Success will never come if you are constantly seeking external motivation and continue to blame others for your situation. Accept responsibility for every problem in your life.

Have a positive mindset

💡 Your mindset influences your ability to perform and succeed. If you allow negative thoughts and ideas to enter your mind, you will never achieve anything. You will notice that wonderful things begin to happen in your life if you change your mindset.

Embrace failure

💡 Failures serve as guideposts on the path to success. They will be inevitable. Accept them and use them as opportunities to grow, learn, and mature. Keep in mind that failure always precedes success.

Grow 1% every day

💡 There is no such thing as perfection. We are all a work in progress. You will notice a difference if you strive to improve by 1% every day. Educate yourself through personal experience, books, seminars, films, conferences, history, and other resources.

Upgrade your surrounding to unleash your potential

💡 We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Be hard-working and a high performer and you will become one of them. Your network has a significant impact on your ability to achieve success.
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