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Useful kotlin extensions for seamless android development

Boost your productivity and write cleaner, more expressive code with Kotlin extensions! 🚀 These handy shortcuts enhance the language, enabling you to simplify common tasks like network availability checks, toast messages, and soft keyboard handling. Convert units, retrieve screen dimensions, parse colors, start activities effortlessly, and format dates in a snap. Unleash your creativity and code with ease! 🌟
isNetworkAvailable: Checks if the device is currently connected to a network.
fun Context.isNetworkAvailable(): Boolean {
    val connectivityManager = getSystemService(Context.CONNECTIVITY_SERVICE) as ConnectivityManager
    val networkInfo = connectivityManager.activeNetworkInfo
    return networkInfo?.isConnectedOrConnecting == true
// Example usage:
if (context.isNetworkAvailable()) {
// Perform network-related tasks
toast: Simplifies displaying toast messages.
fun Context.toast(message: CharSequence, duration: Int = Toast.LENGTH_SHORT) {
  Toast.makeText(this, message, duration).show()
// Example usage:
toast("Hello, World!")
isVisible: Checks if a view is currently visible on the screen.
fun View.isVisible(): Boolean = visibility == View.VISIBLE

// Example usage:
if (textView.isVisible()) {
// View is visible
hideKeyboard: Hides the soft keyboard.
fun Activity.hideKeyboard() {
    val inputMethodManager = getSystemService(Activity.INPUT_METHOD_SERVICE) as InputMethodManager
    val currentFocusView = currentFocus
    if (currentFocusView != null) {
        inputMethodManager.hideSoftInputFromWindow(currentFocusView.windowToken, 0)
toBitmap: Converts a view into a bitmap image.
fun View.toBitmap(): Bitmap {
    val bitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(width, height, Bitmap.Config.ARGB_8888)
    val canvas = Canvas(bitmap)
    return bitmap

// Example usage:
val bitmap = imageView.toBitmap()
dpToPx: Converts density-independent pixels (dp) to pixels (px).
fun Context.dpToPx(dp: Int): Int {
    val density = resources.displayMetrics.density
    return (dp * density).toInt()

// Example usage:
val pixels = context.dpToPx(16)
getScreenWidth and getScreenHeight: Retrieves the width and height of the screen.
fun Context.getScreenWidth(): Int {
    val displayMetrics = resources.displayMetrics
    return displayMetrics.widthPixels

fun Context.getScreenHeight(): Int {
    val displayMetrics = resources.displayMetrics
    return displayMetrics.heightPixels

// Example usage:
val screenWidth = context.getScreenWidth()
val screenHeight = context.getScreenHeight()
parseColor: Parses a color string and returns the corresponding color value.
fun String.parseColor(): Int = Color.parseColor(this)

// Example usage:
val color = "#FF0000".parseColor()
startActivity: Starts an activity with simplified syntax.
inline fun <reified T : Activity> Context.startActivity() {
    val intent = Intent(this,

// Example usage:
toFormattedDateString: Converts a date to a formatted string using a specific pattern.
fun Date.toFormattedDateString(pattern: String): String {
val dateFormat = SimpleDateFormat(pattern, Locale.getDefault())
return dateFormat.format(this)

// Example usage:
val currentDate = Date()
val formattedDate = currentDate.toFormattedDateString("dd/MM/yyyy")
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