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Glimpsys Technologies, Romania

Tech Stack

Android X, Kotlin, Coroutines, Firebase, Retrofit, Glide, LiveData..

This project was developed by me in collaboration with Csongor, from Glimpsys Technologies. 

The app development process was an easy one since there was already a working prototype of the iOS app, so basically, my job was to create the app for Android-based on the latest Android X technologies.

What was the main challange?

The main challenge was to create a user system with a lot of types of user and make sure to support their needs.


As a backend service, we are using
Google Cloud & Firebase. 

From the Android Perspective, 
Android X together with Kotlin was the main starting point. I used libraries like Retrofit, Picasso, Room, and Glide to make development faster and easier.

Long Term Goals

The app is ready to serve its users and ready to implement new features, views and more when will be necessary.

Conclusion & Results

Indicators of shared value, living a fully ethical life with the social return on investment improve the world and activate a dynamic systematic thinking.

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