February 26, 2020
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Transylvania Blog

Founded 2018
Co Founder: 
Jakab Istvan

Content Creation
Community driven

Environment. Hometown. Origins. Natural sights. We do care about all of these aspects of our life. We truly believe that tradition and modernity walk hand in hand. Inspired by this recognition, in 2016, we launched a project called Transylvania Blog which is an exclusive example of our services. This blog is for Transylvanian businesses, creators, artists, bloggers and everybody with true potential: they bring their ideas, they bring themselves, we give them a platform where they can present themselves.

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Every single page and website, has a unique story and identity. We consider it very important to be part of the local community, so we run pages like @targu.mures or @clujview. These projects confirm that the tendency that people tend to prefer the local spirit over internationality is real. Still, we have pages to broaden our followers’ horizons (when it comes to getting to know the world that surrounds them) like @ig_transylvania and @erdely, pages presenting a less limited view of Transylvania. All of these pages are linked through
every content is published on this website, grouped by counties. All in all, the idea behind this is that we are able to promote businesses both locally and globally.