March 26, 2022
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Bârlog - O gură de altceva

For over the years young.LILIAC organize a competition for the upcoming wine edition for designers. Every creative can submit their idea of the labels for the wines. 

I helped develop the website for this competition.


Bârlog – Ursus Breweries

Agency & Co-Workers

PM – Gál Andrea
Web – Fekete Zsuzsanna


Jun 2020 –
Jan 2022

Technology Stack Used:
WordPress + Elementor; PHP; HTML + CSS + JAVASCRIPT; Adobe XD.

The Timeline

We had to create the website/webshop in 2 phases. First, implementing all the landing pages, based on provided design. Secondly, the webshop system.

The Challange

The main challenge was to develop everything in a short period of time, so the client is able to come online and start market themself.

Results &

The website is up and running, and ready for all the change if it’s needed. At the moment due to other projects, We don’t work anymore on the project, but is up and running.