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Daily Routine that will bootstrap your productivity

1. Have enough time to wake up

Don’t wake up in rush and get straight to work

2. No phone till breakfast

Cut the early ‘information overload’ from the devices

3) Make your bed

4) Create a to-do list

A to-do list is the best thing you can do to be productive

5) Practice morning journal

6) 30-minute workout

7) Get some sunlight

8) Have a healthy breakfast

9) Set a water alarm for the day

10) Do task batching for similar tasks

Switching between two tasks kills focus → To avoid this, batch similar tasks

11) Take breaks between work

Breaks lead to better productivity → Work in time cycles and take a break after each cycle

12) Work in Pomodoro cycles

Work for a period of time followed by a break • Pick a task • Set a 25-minute timer • Work on it until the time is up • Take a 5-minute break • For every 4 tasks, take a longer 15-minutes break

13) Spend time on a hobby

It’s necessary to have hobbies and spend time on it

14) Have a recharge time

It’s necessary to have a recharge or me time

15) Social media scheduling

Schedule time-waste hours → Pick 3 (15-min) slots of time • One at the noon • One in the evening • One at the night Use Social Media as much as you want in those 15 minute cycles Not other than that time or between work

16) Go for a 10-min walk

Walking is the easiest and one of the best thing you can do & can help you: • Lift up mood • Reduce stress • Get more energetic

17) Spend time with family

The most underrated practice & Helps to: • Forget all the problems • Have overall well-being • Increase happiness & satisfaction

18) 10 minutes of meditation

Offset the impact of technology-driven culture has on us Do 10 min meditation in the morning + when you feel unfocused It strengthen areas of your brain responsible for

19) Read a book for 30 minutes

20) 10 min night journaling

21) Sleep on time

Sleep 8 hours before your wake up time • Finish your meals 3 hours before bed • Finish your work 2 hours before bed • Don’t use mobile 1 hours before bed


 🔥 The single most powerful habit for personal growth.

The Morning Kickstart

• What’s 1 thing I’m grateful for?

• What’s 1 thing I’m excited about?

• What’s 1 virtue I want to exhibit?

• What’s 1 thing I’m avoiding?

• What’s the 1 thing I need to do?

Set a 5-minute timer. And each question gets 1 sentence, max.

The Evening Shutdown

• What were my biggest wins of the day?

• Did I have any major realizations?

• What’s on the agenda for tomorrow?

By recapping the my biggest wins & realizations, I keep a ledger of: • The good things happening in my life • The things I’m learning about myself & the world

The Bottleneck Analysis

1. What’s the biggest bottleneck to achieving my next goal?

2. Why aren’t I working on it today?

This prompt forces you to confront the brutal truth over the comforting lie. The truth is, you know exactly what you should be doing. So—stop looking for new things to do. • No shiny objects • No new books • No new apps Instead, do the things you know you should be doing.

The 80/20 Life Audit

1. Where am I feeling satisfied?

2. Where am I feeling dissatisfied?

Brain dump anything and everything— health, finances, relationships, career, spirituality, get it all onto the page. Then, take each list and analyze our goal is to find the 20% of: • Places • Habits • People • Beliefs That are leading to 80% of the positive & negative results. This is the 80/20 rule in action. And this reflection will make it painfully obvious which handful of things are driving your results. The same people, habits, and beliefs—all leading to your best and worst results. From there, your goal is to: • Double down on the 20% positive • Ruthlessly eliminate the 20% negative

The Compounding Projection

1. If I repeated every action I took today, every day for a year, where would I end up?

2. Is this the place I want to be?

If you’re confident in your current path, this prompt will help you be more patient. But if you’re on the wrong path, it will help you course correct.
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