„Eternal Stones / Castles Of Transylvania” By András Ferencz

About the book

The pictures of the album „Eternal stones / Castles of Transylvania” by András Ferencz were exposed the first time in July 2014 in Gernyeszeg / Gornești, Mureș County, at the Teleki Castle Day. After that, they were exposed at the Castle Day of Sáromberke / Dumbrăvioara, Mureș County. Some other exhibitions were hosted by the Arte Gallery from Kolozsvár / Cluj Napoca, by the Mihai Eminescu Cultural Center from Marosvásárhely / Târgu-Mureș and by the Reformed Church’s conference hall from Szászrégen / Reghin. The photos of this album could be viewed between July and October 2015 at the exhibition hosted by the Romanian National Museum of History in Bucharest. Since then until now they could be viewed only digitally and by postcard.

The photos of the album „Eternal stones / Castles of Transylvania” were taken between April – July 2014 and springtime 2017 during some „pilgrimages” made together with his family and his friends. The whole ensemble of the pictures shows the harsh reality of our days. However, the depraved buildings or the ruins of them are still wearing the tracks of the ancient patina and the architectural beauty. The castles of the album are located in the heart of Transylvania in Maros / Mureș and Kolozs / Cluj counties. The order of the castles is based on the degradation of them, starting from the ruined ones to the better-standing or renovated ones. The photos displayed in this album simply invite the reader on a journey through the ages, by evoking the past, recognizing the present and intuiting the future, but also encourage him or her to conserve, to appreciate and to visit our architectural heritage.